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1635 Cherry Lane RD, PO Box 365, Analomink, PA, 18320 Call Us | 646-496-5005


Property Preservation

Get the work done right. Your REO properties need to remain livable and maintain their curb appeal.

  • REO Property Condition Reporting Services
  • Professional Occupancy Verification
  • Mobile Home Removal And Auto Removal
  • Housekeeping Services
  • REO Lawn Maintenance
  • REO Maintenance & Repair
  • REO Code Compliance
  • REO Property Preservation Winterization Summary
  • Boarding To Prevent Vandalism And Other Risks
  • Property And Debris Removal With Complete Documentation And/Or Photographs.
  • Preparation Of The REO Property For Sale/Conveyance.

Temple Property Management & Investments Corp works with vendors throughout the USA ensuring that the properties we manage are well-kept and maintained in a way that complies with investor/regulatory guidelines and with homeowner association (HOA), and condo owner association (COA) guidelines. Our REO services secure the property and we will conduct the required maintenance. Temple will maintain the utmost professionalism to minimize reputational risk and ensure the greatest long-term REO result. From the very start our primary goal is to protect and maintain the REO property. Broken windows will be boarded, doors are repaired/boarded, pools and other hazards are handled, and the asset is thoroughly secured consistent with client guidelines. Winterization can also performed if necessary.


Winterizations come in two types, dry and wet. Dry systems circulate forced hot air, they use furnaces, vents and registers. Wet systems could be “Steam Heat” or “Radiant Heat”. A “Steam Heat” system will have a steam boiler with steam going through the system, usually radiators. “Radiant Heat” systems will use a hot water boiler, tank, and have hot water going through radiators and/or copper tubing located in the floor and walls. Radiant heat can also be called a “wet system” and “hot water baseboard heat".

Temple Property Management & Investments Corp is the very best in the business. Our years of experience and dedication to our clients ensures a level of customer-loyalty that is unmatched in the industry. You are our greatest asset. We appreciate you, and look forward to a long-term business relationship. We focus on delivering the best results for you - right from the very start. We are your REO team, standing by your side, working for you, every step of the way. Contact us today to begin a journey that you will never forget.