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1635 Cherry Lane RD, PO Box 365, Analomink, PA, 18320 Call Us | 646-496-5005

About Us

"Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives" - William A. Foster

Ana is the founder of Temple Property Management & Investments Corp in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. She has developed a tremendous amount of knowledge for nearly every aspect of REO Management over the years. In 2012 she left her corporate management position to do what she loves best in REO management. Her knowledge, expertise, and love of the REO management field is unique, and inspired her to take over the complete operations, including property management, from her husband, upon getting married. Ana graduated from Touro College in New York City, in June 2007, achieving a degree in business management. You can trust Ana as your local expert.

Temple Property management has always been loyal to its fundamental goal of delivering the best service so their clients can achieve the best return on their property assets while limiting their risk. We are headquartered in Pennsylvania.

With professional contractors that specialize in home rehabilitation, we are able to transform an aged home into a resellable property quickly and inexpensively. We want to return properties to the very best condition so that our clients can obtain the best possible selling price. From landscape repair to new roof installations, kitchen replacement, to bathroom remodeling, we do it all.

Temple has restored many communities time and time again. We will consistently deliver professional asset management services, field solutions and REO services by preserving assets, protecting our clients’ assets, and by creating stellar results with our customers. We ensure your interests are protected and preserved. We will check and check again just to make sure. It’s how we define professional quality.

Temple Property Management & Investments Corp is staffed with experienced REO Management experts who frequently work closely with property professionals, vendors, attorneys, and other industry professionals to ensure the very best outcomes at every phase of property disposition.